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MARKET-- Solar wafer firms in Taiwan inclined to follow solar cell firms to increase quotes
Author: Source:Digitimes/Solarzoom Editor: Publish at Beijing Time: 2012-05-24 16:08:25

Report from Digitimes, amended by Solarzoom


Taiwan-based solar cell makersplan to increase prices as demand has been high. Solar wafer firms hope to follow suit.

The current price of 6-inch solar wafers is around US$1.05~1.25/unit in Taiwan. Industry sources noted that solar wafer firms have been suffering losses since 2011 and have been looking for opportunities to push pricing back to a reasonable level. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the price increase depends on the magnitude of the price increase of solar cell firms.

China-based solar firms have been requesting low quotes from Taiwan-based solar firms. The latter indicated that unless necessary, the firms have been inclined to take up limited orders from China.

The market indicated that Taiwan-based solar firms are likely to increase solar cell quotes by 15%. This means the price is likely to be around US$0.52~0.55/W compared to the current price ofUS$0.46-0.48/W.

Industry sources noted that if solar cell firms succeed in increasing quotes by 15%, solar wafer firms have a chance to increase quotes by 10%.

From the data of Solarzoom market price center, the current dealing price of 6” solar wafer is US$0.919 for 1st tier manufacturers and 0.879 for 2nd tier ones, and the solar cell price is US$0.412~0.541/W for different kind cells and manufacturers.

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