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Google, Solar Impulse to start high level partnership
Author: Source:solarserver Editor: Publish at Beijing Time: 2013-09-18 08:49:20

Google, Solar Impulse to start high level partnership

16 September 2013

The Silicon Valley internet company Google has become Solar Impulse’s official Internet Technology Partner. To commemorate this, Solar Impulse (Lausanne, Switzerland) will take their Google+ URL (google.com/+solarimpulse) to new heights on the side of their Swiss solar Impulse airplane, the partners announced.
“This formal partnership is an important step in bringing Solar Impulse closer to its ultimate goal of flying around the world using only solar energy (2015)”, reads the press release.
“This partnership is a unique occasion to promote mutually shared values like pioneering spirit, innovation, engineering excellence and clean technologies allowing to protect natural resources”, said Dr. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, Co-Founders of Solar Impulse
“With Google on board, our reach with the public, younger generations, media and political and business decision makers will be significantly enhanced”.

Successful collaboration during Solar Impulse’s Across America Mission
The partnership comes out of the successful collaboration between Google and Solar Impulse this past summer during the Across America Mission. Solar Impulse will continue to leverage its multimedia and online activities across various Google platforms including YouTube, Google+, Google Glass and Google Earth in order to better communicate with its supporters.

Google+ will be Solar Impulse’s preferred social media channel and Google Hangouts broadcasted live during flight missions will bring the public closer to the pilots.

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