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The Successful closing deal regarding the first SolarPower Plant of Zhongli Talesunin Germany
Author: Source:Zhongli Talesunin Editor: Publish at Beijing Time: 2013-09-22 14:40:33

TheSuccessful closing deal regarding the first SolarPower Plant of Zhongli TalesuninGermany

22 September 2013

On Aug.28th, 2013, ZhongliTalesun Solar receivedthe last payment of RMB 129 million from LHI Group (www.LHI.de) regarding the acquisitions of the 19.7 MW PV power plant in Neuhadenberg, Germany, at the same time, the ownership of this power plant is transferred to LHI, which marked a successful ending of the project development and sale of this project within one year from the projectlicense purchasing.

This PV power plant is located in Neuhardenberg, Brandenburg, which is in the east of Berlin, the capital of Germany. It covered an area of 35 hectare, which was used to be a military airfield. The project has a total installed capacity of 19.7 MW, by using ZhongliTalesun’s TP660P modules. ZhongliTalesun’s Germany branch purchased the project’s development rights in Sep. 2012, and started construction in the same month. This PV power plant has been connected to the grid on Apr.30th,2013, and it has 20 years operation period. It is estimated that annual average electricity production would be 18,630,000 KWh, and would reduce 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

As a new brand player, ZhongliTalesun’s modules have been rigorously tested by the buyer LHI. LBBW (www.LBBW.de) was mandated by LHI to structure and finance the project SolarparkNeuhardenberg., LBBW is listed in Germany’s 10 biggest banks and has an expertisefor more than ten years in structuring and financing projects in the segment Renewables Energies.LHI is a local assets management company in Germany who manages 26 billion Euros. As a partner of this famous company, ZhongliTalesun fully embodies its management and strength. Mr.FranzUnterbichler, CEO of LHI KapitalverwaltungsgesellschaftGmbH, said that LHI is pleased with the cooperation with Talesun and looking forward to having further cooperation, Mr. Frank Qi, Global VP of Sales& Marketing of Talesun expressed the same intention during the conference.

This PV power plant is the first large-scale PV project which was successfully connected to the grid and sold by ZhongliTalesun in Germany this year. Its successful story laid a solid foundation forZhongliTalesun’ssubsequent oversea projects. It is conductive to ZhongliTalesun’s extension of value chain, conductive to ZhongliTalesun’s brand image in oversea markets.Till now ZhongLiTalesun has developed more 150MW projects outside of China. And obviously it plays an active role in promoting ZhongliTalesun’s profitability and comprehensive strength.

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